Host Joey Svendsen (formerly of BadChristian) is a pastor who threw out his list of theological “certainties,” embraced mystery, found freedom, and still hangs with many evangelicals. Join Joey, his regular commentators and many special guests all over the “theological map” as they discuss God, the Church, cultural issues, tragedy and Joey’s journey battling mental illness.

Focusing on love and listening, rather than polarizing and cancelling, these are laid back conversations but with no punches pulled. Don’t listen in front of your kids. Love will win. Might as well join the team.

Jared Svendsen.

Jared Svendsen lives in South Florida with his wife and two daughters. He has been a teacher for 23 years. Jared currently teaches Video Production and film for Middle and High School grades. In his spare time, Jared enjoys lifting weights, running, listening to music, watching movies and reading about philosophy, history, math/science and Orthodox Christian theology.

Jed Payne.

Jed is a person in recovery from addiction who now works as a substance abuse therapist. He believes in Jesus, nephilim, and the supernatural. He is the founder and host of church & other drugs podcast and father of 2 ferrets and 2 cats. 

Ellen Mauro.

A Seattle native and a pastor’s kid, Ellen grew up homeschooling and playing the viola in the Seattle Junior Symphony. A lifelong indoctrinated Republican “pro-lifer”, she also attended Mars Hill for over a decade. She is a stay-at-home mom of two, Louie and Phoebe. Her husband Cole is a drummer and much, much nicer than she is.

Robbie Madison.

Robbie Madison, a native of Charleston, SC, is a local performing artist and educator. Currently, he leads his own band, sings with the Charleston Jazz Orchestra, has been a worship leader with Seacoast Church, and also is a worship leader for the NFL Organization, currently with the Houston Texans.

Hayne Griffin.

Hailing from the bohemian Asheville, NC- Hayne is a fire captain on the city’s southside. Raised evangelical, he no longer identifies as one. He is deeply grateful for his roots and still calls himself a Christian. If not responding to emergencies- Hayne is ribbing friends, loving family, investing in community, adventuring, or collecting material for his future book- “Don’t Be a Dick : Leadership Lessons from Firehouse to Fatherhood”. Hayne sometimes writes in 3rd person.

Amy Alderman.

Amy lives in Charleston, SC with her husband and is a mother of two impressive young ladies. One daughter is in grad school in California and the other is looking forward to soon graduating high school. Amy has been in the banking profession for almost 20 years and earned the title at work, “Ambassador of Fun.” She has served in ministry for most of her adult-life. Whether teaching classes, hosting women’s retreats, leading small groups, or guest speaking, she utilizes humor to disarm and engage. While she isn’t always for sensitive ears, you can be prepared to be all “loved on” by her.


Born and raised on James Island, SC in a Christian household, Stoy began to question things he saw in the church and set out to find Truth. Now residing in Texas, he has raised 4 brilliant young men and is still passionately seeking to find God in everything and everyone. Stoy enjoys making music to process while inviting others into his journey to Truth.

Matt Oxley.

Matt resides in South Georgia with his partner Drew. He is a former Christian and has chronicled his journey of leaving the fold in his blog ( He is an activist, anti-capitalist, and minister.

Liz Miller.

Liz Miller lives in Charleston, SC. Growing up an Army brat she lived in Germany, New York, Northern Virginia, and South Korea. She is a mom to two and teaches musical theater at Orange Grove Middle School. Before that, she was on staff at Seacoast Church with Joey and Pricilla.

In 2012 Liz was widowed when her husband, Joshua, was killed in a car accident. She hopes to encourage people who have suffered this type of tragedy and normalize the grieving process. 10 years later, she now is married to her beautiful wife Alex. Liz also hopes the LGBTQ community and the church can come together in order to authentically display love for everyone.

Chip Judd.

No one is more surprised than I am about the cool stuff I’m doing now, and I continue to be honored to watch God work in relentlessly amazing ways as people trust Him enough to open their lives and organizations to fresh perspectives. Starting out on this journey, my wife, Coleen, and I planted and pastored a church for 24 years and, after successfully transferring leadership, have transitioned into the roles of consultant, life coach, counselor and trainer. We have the privilege of working with individuals, families, leaders and organizations to facilitate growth and progress toward their goals and objectives.