What if in the “Genesis 1 beginning,” things had already began?  What if the infamous, “In the Beginning” beginning, happens to be about  one small area, guarded by an angel (Garden of Eden).  S. Joshua Swamidass, MD, PhD,  author of The Genealogical Adam and Eve: The Surprising Science of Universal Ancestry, challenges widely-held presuppositions held about the Genesis creation story and has put his tenure on the line for being forthright with the role that his faith plays in how he sees the world. 

In this episode he talks how a plain reading of Genesis  can still be supported by science.  Oh yeah, and he believes in evolution.  But according to Dr. Swamidass, humans still lack amazement for the good stuff. 

How are we not more fascinated by existence in general?  Or the existence of consciousness?  He demonstrates well the ability to maintain what most of his atheist colleagues would call “good science” while still being a self-proclaimed, “Christian first, scientist second” person.  And while he's here, we also manage to talk conspiracies, AI, Mars exploration and how it's hard to get ethics out of science, especially in regards to abortion. 

At top of episode, Jack Hoey and Ellen Mauro defend some very cynical comments they made on a previous episode about speaking in tongues.  Chip Judd challenges their views on a means of prayer he practices every day and claims to be why he is the man he is today. 

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