What a roller coaster ride, “riding through” purity culture as a guy.  I can’t imagine the beautiful world of being a teen and accepting (even embracing) sexuality (and all the feelings) as a gift to be celebrated; instead we were taught shame and guilt about one of the most natural and beautiful gifts there are.  – Joey (host)

Purity culture affected the guys here in various ways.  Lots of “sexually impaired marriages” and one even attributes the beginning of his drug addiction to the horrors of purity culture.  And yes, we talk about real “horrors” available for every guy entering into the unforgiving (literally) world of purity culture.  Parents, listen here to the perspective of Hayne’s parents who encouraged healthy ways of sexual release (i.e. masturbulatory occasions) once he hit the age of fourteen.  

As far as sex in general, theologically have Christians added rules to sexuality, that never existed in the bible?  Lots of questions here, but the truth be told,  if evangelical purity culture’s standards are indeed correct, the mismatch between human anatomy and a goal for absolute purity, is truly overwhelming.   And it has been for all generations.  

Thanks, Matt, Jed Pene, and Hayne for their time given and for their transparency about embarrassing stuff.

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