Dr. Latimore, author of “Unshakable Faith of Famous and Little Known African Americans from Colonial Times to the Present”  joins co-hosts Robbie Madison and Joey Svendsen to discuss the important outlooks and insights his book delivers on.

In our diverse communities, churches, organizations and political spaces, [Black] history offers a window into the meaning of America  and the opportunity to reflect and marvel at, the strength of a people who refused to be destroyed and who fought and loved their way into our nation’s story. 

In this conversation, an unexpected theme is processed in real time and confirmed by Robbie and Dr. Latimore.  As African American men who value their blackness and maintain passion for  equality and social justice for all people,  the concept of blindly “cancelling a racist” for them seems lazy, rudimentary, and contrary to the Spirit of love represented by Jesus' words “Father, forgive,  for they know not..”  This new “cancelling trend” in our culture basically eliminates the chances of some thing Jesus seemed pretty adamant about all of us having: new beginnings and second chances, birthed by Grace. 

The book also highlights a deeper, even heart-wrenching path of grace that many have painfully walked through.    Sometimes the unfairness of life (as it was for many of the saints discussed in his book) makes it is hard to keep going with soundness of mind, hope, and contentment in our hearts.  Dr. Latimore shares the stories of African Americans who found all three, even in the midst of grave injustices that personally destroyed the hopes of having what many of the more privileged were able to take for granted as “simple rights” and receiving “our due.” 

May our hearts be changed forever by the stories of our fellowmen and women who persevered while truly walking in the footsteps of Jesus.   A lesson for all mankind, especially in 2022. 

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