One woman married to an Air Force pilot (Jessica Reagan), another woman who grew up in a military family (Liz Miller).  One black guy (Robbie Madison), one white guy (Joey Svendsen).  Each grew up (and was taught to) loving the U.S.A. but as adults, this love looks a lot different.  What does it mean to love your country but not trust the government?

How can our country be as bad as some of our citizens claim, when people all around the world are still trying to get here? 

Why are so many Americans more concerned about our country looking good than they are about taking an honest look at the history? 

Is there a lot of good being done by our military that we just do not hear about? 

We even talk a bit about the “good” and “bad” of kneeling at the flag like Colin and how Robbie and Liz to this day are nervous about the flag touching the ground.  Happy 4th of July! 

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