Worship leader in an evangelical church, cousin of Brian Welch (Korn), struggler of bipolar disorder, and author, Scott W. Box, joins the show to discuss mental illness, grace and Heroic Disgrace, his recent book release in which he tells his story and unpacks the gospel concept of “winning by losing.”

We also discuss how God can make healthy what He chooses not to heal, and how Scott's struggles with mental illness compelled him to seek Jesus deeper.  Isn't that a good thing?

Joey also reflects on his madness of reverting back to OCD spiritual rituals back in his mental health crisis in 2019 and how leaning on others' faith is necessary when personal faith has run dry.  Can your brain ever be too unhealthy to process God in a positive light?  Joey has experienced times when thoughts of God were a detriment.   

Two pastors reflect on their journeys through mental health crises and having personal experience, describe their experiences with being suicidal and how selfishness wasn't part of the equation. 

Ben Archer, Patron of the show (which means he's in the Bear W/ Community), joins Joey to talk deconstruction and reflect on BadChristian.  And up top, a couple of my black friends reflect a bit on how Will Smith's actions was a poor representation of African-Americans. 

Scott W. Box's book Heroic Disgrace.
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