Many systematic theologians talk about God like they got God pegged while Isaiah says “God's thoughts and ways are higher than ours.”

While many claim things along the lines of “God won't bless your finances if you don't tithe before taxes,” I'm still  trying to process what it means for God to love me.  What does that mean for all of us?

This is an episode about God.  If you're pursuing theology for a snapshot of God, give up the pursuit because God is too big for that.   

What we are left with:
If God is all-loving, God can't be all-powerful because there is evil in the world.
If God is all-powerful, God must not care or love creation because there is evil in the world.

Many Christians still claim God to be both, all-loving and all-powerful  (I'm one of them — Joey).
But while others, like Thomas Oord, actually try to make sense of this dichotomy, coming up with other possible explanations, he's pushed to the side as a heretic.   

Thomas Oord's new book Pluriform Love, unpacks a “Thomas Oord version” of open theology, which is a belief that supposes God not to be all-powerful.

If this doctrine is true, how do we know we are “eternally safe” in heaven (where ever that is)?
How do we reconcile God's wrath and eternal love with his eternal grace, love and redemption.  So what the hell is going on out there and how does all this work?  Does God have emotions?  Why did God create us in the first place?

We can only speculate.

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