Co-hosts Chip Judd (very long-time Christian) and Matt Oxley (long-time Christian, gone atheist) discuss with Joey what he finds to be an “impossible position” Christians are in when it comes to their kids and the doctrine of hell. 

If dreaded eternal separation is on the table of possibilities, fear and life-trauma [in the end] is a good thing, especially if one is scared enough to repent and avoid going there.  Right? 

Chip and Matt both agree that religious people have taken advantage of this doctrine to control people. They also agree that a fixation on eternal separation makes for lousy Christians.  Joey makes a case again for Christian Universalism and Matt proposes that Jesus failed, if everyone isn't saved. 

Why are so many Christians not able to find peace while holding a belief in hell, while others can go about their life normally, not bothered by their many friends and family perishing in the end?  Do Christians really believe in hell?  What is humanity's flaw, and what is the gospel anyway?  A hell of an episode (pun intended).

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