Josh Porter (formerly known as Josh Dies of the band Showbread), author of the new book “Death to Deconstruction,” shares his story of christian fundamentalist upbringing and deconstruction of faith. Full of bitterness towards the church, he later discovered deep issues of personal pride (quite common for youngsters his age) that contributed greatly to being on this path. 

Having now returned to an orthodox (as in what people would describe as not progressive) faith, he is also a pastor at a non-denominational church. 

As Joey and Josh likely see faith and deconstruction very differently, they enjoyed a full's episode worth of discussing what they both agreed on,  including the needed adjustments for the church to make, in order for it to recapture the ways of Jesus.

Josh appeals to the need of having Jesus' ability to maintain convictions (and true beliefs), while still having a welcoming heart for all to “come to the table of fellowship,” including those who aren't even sure where they stand with faith altogether.  He shares practically what this looks like as a pastor.   

The two may or may not have also done some reminiscing of those glorious yesteryears of discovering the “listening bliss” of punk rock music. 

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