[this episode originally aired on 10/10/20]

John Mark McMillan and Joey Svendsen enjoy their time with Pastor and Author Brian Zahnd, asking him a little about everything. What does Brian Zahnd think of the POTUS (Donald Trump) and if asked, would he serve on his spiritual advisement board?

Brian Zahnd believes strongly in the church. He points out the problems with both the “Christian right” and “Christian left,” highlighting how Jesus wouldn’t serve either of their agendas; because frankly, He has his own. The church, he says, is a part of the world that's “already changed by Christ.” Until we let this sink in, Zahnd concludes that Christians will continue to seek hope in what their political party can accomplish, none of this having anything to do with the more important Kingdom work we are to value above all.

Brian and John Mark also have an interesting take on why many artists are disinterested in politics. And of course, we get into some theology: atonement theories, Christian universalism, the gospel in its fullness.

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