Twenty-seven years since the last time they hung as friends (and classmates) at James Island High, Stoy Prioleau, Antonio “Hype” Seabrook and Joey Svendsen caught up on episode 361 – My Childhood Friends [the Black ones].  As kids, they never processed together things like racism, privilege, systemic racism, what it's like to be black, and what it's like to be white.  As adults, they reflect on their childhoods with a lot more insight and life experience.  

In this episode, the conversation continues as they reflect on being a kid at Christmas as a middle class white kid with dad at home and as a black kid growing up with a single mother trying to keep food on the table.   

Joey rakes it in annually while Stoy and “Hype” tell some “Christmas morning heartbreak” stories.  It was pretty common in the black community for their peers to get no gifts at all on Christmas.  

What was it like as a black kid, when all the best toys (G.I. Joe, He-Man) you play with are depictions of white people?   Different entertainment, different food, even different looking Christmas Trees, Stoy was always eager to come back home and report on the lavish Christmases he experienced in the families of the white girls he was hanging with at the time.  Stoy and “Hype” also share how they reflect on their absent fathers during the holidays.

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