Kicking off a 4-part series for the month of October, sexuality, self-worth and image, the brutality of breast cancer and what it's like not to desire sex, all through the life experiences of women (but of course!). 

Today, co-hosts of the show, Ellen Mauro, Amy Alderman and Liz Miller discuss what pop culture currently deems as the ideal female body type, whether women always care about having sex appeal and if culture is dictating the whole “as men get older, they become more distinguished and as women age, less sexy and desirable” narrative.  All three ladies describe with great candor their own struggle with body image, especially as they age.  Special thanks to them for that.   

Are women competitive with one another? Is it unnerving that statistically, as men get older they always find girls in their early 20s the most appealing sexually? Does culture now accept the sexual objectification of men?   Oh, and guys being more visual than women?  That may just be a myth. 

It's “A Woman's Body Month” on Pastor With No Answers Podcast. 
The conversation continues throughout the month:

“Asexuality” with Rachel Meyers of Your Favorite Heretics (Oct. 11th)
“Brutality of Breast Cancer” with co-host Hayne and his wife, Erica (Oct 18th)
“Woman Sexuality” with Erica Smith (Oct 25th)

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