A Woman's Body Month,” sexuality, self-worth and image, the brutality of breast cancer and what it's like not to desire sex, all through the life experiences of women.

On this episode, Amy Alderman and Joey Svendsen talk to Rachel Meyers of Your Favorite Heretics, to gain a better understanding of asexuality.   Rachel enjoys “having feelings” for others (she enjoys that with her husband, Derek) and has always enjoyed being pursued.  She just never has desired any one's body sexually.

Rachel's form of asexuality not only leaves her disinterested in sex, the thought is repulsive and the act as troublesome as it would be for a gay person to be with the opposite sex or a straight person having sex with the same gender.  She relishes  complements from women, has to work hard at giving her kids physical affection and loves her husband dearly.

So, what about her husband?  Do asexual people like orgasms? Is asexuality an imperfection?

Thanks to Rachel for sharing a part of her life that she would change if she could.

It's “A Woman's Body Month” continues on Pastor With No Answers Podcast.Brutality of Breast Cancer” with co-host Hayne and his wife, Erica (Oct 18th)
Woman Sexuality” with Erica Smith (Oct 25th)

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