No one is ever prepared for this sort of news.  Life is normal for Hayne Griffin and all of the sudden, he has to contemplate losing his spouse.  But this is a “Woman's Body Month,” who cares about Hayne! (just kidding, Hayne).

Hayne's wife, Erica Griffin, joins the show and the two describe how breast cancer has rocked (and is rocking) their world.

As five folks on this show who have experienced significant faith-deconstruction, there's lots of discussion on our current views of God, sickness and healing in the context of Erica's cancer; and how drastically different from our pre-deconstruction thinking.   

Does losing your breasts affect how a woman feels sexually?  Why is it easier for Hayne to be an atheist sometimes?  Did Erica expect to find herself in heaven in the event she died?  And who would have thought, all breasts can be broken down into two groups: fatty or dense.  And this is actually important!  A little bit of everything on this one. 

And we figured out a way to laugh through all this.  Beauty of the human spirit.  Talking about pain and agony with friends can still include laughter.

Thanks to Erica and Hayne Griffin for sharing their story.

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