Viewer discretion is always advised, dummies, but this one is a must.

Erica Smith, sexuality educator for 22 years and creator of Purity Culture Drop Out, talks candidly and answers Joey's crazy questions about female sexuality. 

According to Erica, there's not a lot of sexual behavior (i.e. masturbation habits, being aroused by visual stimuli ) consistent to a particular gender.  In other words, “girls like stuff,” just like boys.  There is however a lot of sexual tendencies/patterns in society that are affected greatly by cultural conditioning.

What's the biology behind older men remaining sexually attracted to girls in their early to mid-twenties?  What does Erica's research say about casual sex and hook-ups?  We talk porn, sado masochism, how much sex goes on in nursing homes and many more “blush inducing” topics.

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