Kevin Sweeney, author of, “The Making of a Mystic: My Journey With Mushrooms, My Life as a Pastor, and Why It's Okay for Everyone to Relax,” didn't find God through religion.  His entry-way to faith wasn't wrought with the oppression many of us today are deconstructing from.

“Missionaries” have been thought of as those who are “taking the good news out, to set the captives free.”  Pastor Kevin claims that his “missionary” was a handful of mushroom trips. 

Now that his hallucinogenic experiences have pointed to the wholeness and freedom that can only come from an inherent union with an all-loving God, he has no need for more mushroom, but rather presses on to “live the life” they pointed toward.  To do otherwise, he sees as an act of betrayal to the sanctity of the revelation.

At the top of the episode, co-hosts Matt Oxley and Robbie Madison reflect on episode one of the new Seacoast Church Podcast that Joey hosts.  Joey and Robbie talk about their relationship with Grammy-winning Brandon Lake and the unique vantage point of watching a friend's career explode.  Thanks for listening to The Pastor With No Answers (and friends) Podcast.

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