Can You Advocate for Life and Vote Pro-Choice?

There are real Christians on both sides of this issue, all of whom feel convinced of their position. If humans are unwilling to embrace this fact, there is no hope for unity.  Christians have clear instructions [John 13:35] not to be known by positions, but rather the love shared for one another and all humanity.  […]

359 – Congratulations, Those Who Have God Figured Out.

Many systematic theologians talk about God like they got God pegged while Isaiah says “God's thoughts and ways are higher than ours.” While many claim things along the lines of “God won't bless your finances if you don't tithe before taxes,” I'm still  trying to process what it means for God to love me.  What […]

358 – Joey’s “Woke Ignorance” Merited an Apology

Ellen would rather be alone than to have an affair.  Are pedophiles simply stuck with their attraction to kids?  Is it true love when a victim loves his aggressor? If it's “true love,” is that a good thing?  Matt has a trauma-filled childhood that we haven't been filled in on yet, Ellen wants more black […]

357 – Heroic Disgrace: Another Pastor With Mental Illness (bipolar disorder)

Worship leader in an evangelical church, cousin of Brian Welch (Korn), struggler of bipolar disorder, and author, Scott W. Box, joins the show to discuss mental illness, grace and Heroic Disgrace, his recent book release in which he tells his story and unpacks the gospel concept of “winning by losing.” We also discuss how God […]

[RELOAD 1 of 2] EPISODE 303 – Pro-Choice or Pro-Life

Originally aired 7/8/2021.   For additional context, listen to the whole episode as it was originally aired RIGHT HERE. As originally posted.While some people call “pro-life lite,” others label it as teetering on pro-choice.  Angie Weszely and her organization (Pro-Grace) takes heat from both sides, and as you’ll hear in this episode, she doesn’t […]

[RELOAD 2 of 2] EPISODE 304 – Pro-Choice or Pro-Life II

Originally aired 7/13/2021.   For additional context, listen to the whole episode as it was originally aired RIGHT HERE. As originally posted.Mennonite Pastor, Duke Graduate and author, Melissa Florer-Bixler, joins to talk about what she calls “reproductive justice.”  Is a living embryo an actual living person?  Is it mere tissue waste?  “No” and “no,” according […]

356 – Do You Love America?

One woman married to an Air Force pilot (Jessica Reagan), another woman who grew up in a military family (Liz Miller).  One black guy (Robbie Madison), one white guy (Joey Svendsen).  Each grew up (and was taught to) loving the U.S.A. but as adults, this love looks a lot different.  What does it mean to […]

355 – Girl Body Parts and a “Woker” Society?

From joey blowing up a woman's restroom while ladies are waiting to use, to a bunch of “girl body part talk,” co-hosts Liz Miller, Amy Alderman, and Ellen Mauro have “homie time” with Joey; which means listen at your own risk.  Lots of “adult clowning,” so get the earmuffs out for the kids. After getting […]

353 – Pets, Farming, Killing Animals, Meat and Cowboys

Any difference in shooting a barking dog verses killing a gnat for buzzing in your ear? Pastor With No Answers Podcast partners with Tony Jones of The Reverend Hunter Podcast and Neil Dudley of Pederson Natural Farms, The Cowboy Perspective Podcast, and The Pederson Farms Podcast for an episode that will air on all three […]