[Hosts Contributing in this episode: Joey Svendsen / Jed Payne / Alex Ginsberg / Robbie Madison / Liz Miller / Stoy Prioleau / Hayne Griffen 

Pastor With No Answers is back with a new era of the podcast.  The same sorts of conversations and vibe with nine more hosts, including lots of Christians, an atheist, three gay people, that same ‘ol pastor, 2 black guys from the deep south, and a firefighter.

In episode 3, Alex shares with Robbie, Jed and Joey how coming out of the closet almost cost her life, the three also talk on Christians who seem to often have more tolerance for the very things the bible has the sternest warnings against.  The things way less talked about and addressed in the bible?  Zero tolerance.  And some how they stumbled into a conversation on some nuances of Francis Chan.  Joey feels he has a deeper understanding of evangelicals’ views on the LGBTQ community and Robbie saw the church's recent spike of “un-Jesus-like” actions toward gay people coming a mile away.

At the top of the episode, Liz, Stoy and Hayne wrap up their conversation, (in Episode 2) in which Hayne and Stoy look out out for their new buddy (Liz), encouraging her to see her “church hurt” through different lenses.   And in an apocalypse, they discuss who in the host crew they’d want to accompany them.  

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