EP16 – Deconstructing Without Losing Yourself (w/ Angela Herrington)

[PRE-ORDER NOW “Deconstructing Without Losing Yourself” by Angela Herrington] host contributing on this episode: Joey Svendsen The author of “Deconstructing Without Losing Yourself,”  by Angela Herrington, joins Joey to talk about her new book (releasing this month).  Together they discuss their personal journeys of deconstruction, including the obstacle of fear and how to have compassion […]

EP15 – Joey Has Questions for Black People

[hosts contributing on this episode: Joey Svendsen, Robbie Madison, Stoy Prioleau] Joey's been saving up questions revolving around black people and racism, these aren't the sort of questions you ask a stranger in the check-out line.  He also shares some stories of being the recipient of racism at the hands of black people, for his […]

EP14 – Treat the Telemarketer With Respect and Honor?

[hosts contributing on this episode: Joey Svendsen, Robbie Madison, Amy Alderman, Hayne Griffen] Stories of old prank calls that almost landed Joey in jail, a disgusting fecal matter prank story, people who want Pat Robertson to burn in jail and whether Satan deserves mercy.    Oh, and when the telemarketer calls, WWJD? Get The B-Sides […]

E13 – Baby It’s Cold Outside

[hosts contributing on this episode: Joey Svendsen, Robbie Madison, Hayne Griffen] Favorite Christmas Movies, sexist Christmas Movies from the 1940s, what to expose kids to and whether people will ever see the harm in cell phones similarly to the way society looks at smoking cigarettes.  And while we're at it, should “Baby It's Cold Outside,” […]

EP12 – Another Day, Another Seizure for Joey (and other horrible stories)

Please listen at your own risk, as the content on this one is very heavy. [hosts contributing on this episode: Joey Svendsen, Ellen Mauro, Hayne Griffen] Joey had a seizure a couple of weeks ago and his friends' security camera captured it all.  With “firefighter Hayne” present, we learn a bit more about seizures but […]

EP11 – “Amy, Do You Think I’m Going to Hell?”

[Hosts Contributing in this episode: Joey Svendsen / Liz Miller / Stoy Prioleau / Hayne Griffen / Amy Alderman / Matt Oxley] When one co-host asks another co-host if she thinks he's going to hell, due to his lack of belief in God.  Here's that conversation.  Get The B-Sides Feed (comes with access to our […]