385 – The Fall and Rise of PWNA Podcast

Here's a quick synopsis of my thought process in shutting the podcast down, bringing that thing back and how things have changed for the better. Included also is a little tribute to the rest of the PWNA crew.  Get The Bear Feed (exclusive podcast for patrons of the show)Joey Svendsen / Instagram / Twitter / […]

383 – Deconstructing as a Parent, Not Knowing What to Tell Your Kids

[We'll continue this conversation LIVE on 2/2.  You are welcome to join us. ] Bekah McNeel joins to talk about her book, “Bringing Up Kids When Church Lets You Down: A Guide for Parents Questioning Their Faith.”   Joey recounts the angst of feeling ill-equipped to guide his kids spiritually through recent years and the peaceful […]

381 – Middle Finger to My Old Church, What’s Love Got to Do With It?

[chapter markers are listed at bottom & inserted in audio for your listening convenience] As the topic of conversation centers around a specific instagram post by a specific person, this is a general conversation about “spitfire social media Christians,” why their words don’t resemble love, and if a militant tone is the most loving approach […]

380 – You’ll Die Sooner Without Good Community. (It’s Science)

Maybe the best New Year's Resolution one can make: Get good friendships. Elizabeth Gillespie, licensed therapist of 11 years, focusses her practices on helping people find healing for trauma, through healthy human connection. She did a Tedx Talks (2022) that outlines the scientific data behind this bold statement she made in this episode: “You are […]

379 – Entering the Holidays for the First Time without Your Brother

[Continuing a tradition that goes back to Christmas 2019 in episode 208 and continues in episode 272 and episode 329, Pastor With No Answers Podcast remembers those who are grieving this Christmas because of great loss] Shonte Jones, family of this podcast suffered great loss at the beginning of the year when her 40-year old […]