Mourning Bill Cosby and Learning How to See People

Ellen Mauro has found great recent success in medicating her AD/HD.  She also got Joey to watch a documentary called “We've Got to Talk About Cosby,” which chronicles the twisted and dark life of Bill Cosby, all along while the cultural icon is considered heroic by millions of fans. Now having watched the documentary, Joey […]

364 – Bad Theology Kills (w/ Kevin Garcia)

Kevin Garcia, author of “Bad Theology Kills,” hangs with hosts Joey and Matt Oxley as they talk about sexual attraction, how to live a life of love in this “woke culture” when you're not all that woke and you mess up people's pronouns, and how bad theology kills people.  And if people are actually dying, […]

362 – Ask, Seek, Knock, Eat a Mushroom: The Making of a Mystic

Kevin Sweeney, author of, “The Making of a Mystic: My Journey With Mushrooms, My Life as a Pastor, and Why It's Okay for Everyone to Relax,” didn't find God through religion.  His entry-way to faith wasn't wrought with the oppression many of us today are deconstructing from. “Missionaries” have been thought of as those who […]

361 – My Childhood Friends [the Black ones]

It was late into adulthood that I (Joey) came to an understanding of my ignorance, when it came to the challenges and trials of being a black person in America.  I’ve had many kind, gracious and helpful friends who have helped steer my path into one that is more educated and sensitive towards the needs […]

360 – Can You Advocate for Life and Vote Pro-Choice?

There are real Christians on both sides of this issue, all of whom feel convinced of their position. If humans are unwilling to embrace this fact, there is no hope for unity.  Christians have clear instructions [John 13:35] not to be known by positions, but rather the love shared for one another and all humanity.  […]

359 – Congratulations, Those Who Have God Figured Out.

Many systematic theologians talk about God like they got God pegged while Isaiah says “God's thoughts and ways are higher than ours.” While many claim things along the lines of “God won't bless your finances if you don't tithe before taxes,” I'm still  trying to process what it means for God to love me.  What […]

358 – Joey’s “Woke Ignorance” Merited an Apology

Ellen would rather be alone than to have an affair.  Are pedophiles simply stuck with their attraction to kids?  Is it true love when a victim loves his aggressor? If it's “true love,” is that a good thing?  Matt has a trauma-filled childhood that we haven't been filled in on yet, Ellen wants more black […]