EP32 – Do You Get Excited When Famous People “join the team” of Christianity?

[in this episode: Joey Svendsen, Hayne Griffin, Jed Payne, Stoy Prioleau]British actor and comedian, Russell Brand, apparently converted to Christianity and this sort of thing makes Joey and Jed excited, while Hayne could not care any less than what he does about celebrities “joining the team.” All three consider themselves Christians and thus discuss the […]

MINI #3 – Living By the Spirit Just May Be the Answer

Joey discusses how he feels the church is still way too focussed on the “letter of the law,” muddying the waters of love and holding the exact counterproductive beliefs the Apostle Paul warns against in his letter to the church in Galatia. If the church allowed Jesus’ words to reign supreme and took serious His […]

EP31: Worth Fighting for (w/ John Pavlovitz)

[This Episode: Hosts, Hayne Griffin, Matt Oxley, Joey Svendsen and guest, John Pavlovitz] Any one want more courage and compassion when cruelty is trending? Can we get an amen or two? With guest and author John Pavlovitz, we navigate themes of judgment, emotional reactions, and the delicate balance of maintaining hope within societal systems. Together, […]

EP30 – Can There Be Objective Morality Without a God?

[appearing on this episode: Joey Svendsen and guest, Amanda Udis-Kessler]Amanda Udis-Kessler PhD. wrote a book on ethics, Abundant Lives: A Progressive Christian Ethic of Flourishing. This book sets out to invite sociologically informed engagement in human well-being, based on Jesus’ command to love God and our neighbors. Talking through many facets of its content, Joey […]

EP27 – Hayne’s Great Deconstruction

[Contributors to this Episode: Matt Oxley, Hayne Griffen, Joey Svendsen,]Co-hosts Matt Oxley and Hayne Griffen share their stories of deconstruction, Matt all the way to unbelief and Hayne, into “belief territory” that most evangelicals would deem heresy. The two dig deep into Hayne’s story including his upbringing and how he now parents his own kids. […]

EP26 – White Kids, Hip-Hop and Monogamy

[Contributors to this Episode: Joey Svendsen, Liz Miller, Stoy Prioleau, Matt Oxley]Stoy’s cultural upbringing and mentoring (or lack of) instilled various perspectives about sex, marriage and success, that he’d later have to grow out of. Joey and Liz lament over inappropriate hip-hop lyrics, having sons who love hip-hop, and Matt exhorts Christians to repent from […]

EP25 – Pushback on Christian Universalism

[Contributors to this Episode: Joey Svendsen, Hayne Griffen, Jack Hoey, Derek Kubilus]In EP10 of the Podcast, 4 months or so ago, Derek Kubilus introduced us to his perspective on a Universal salvation plan carried out by Jesus, captured in his new book, Holy Hell. Regular guest, Jack Hoey, read the book and didn’t have a […]

EP24 – “Holy Ghosted” (w/ Tiffany Yecke Brooks)

[in this episode: Dr. Tiffany Yecke Brooks and host, Joey Svendsen]Dr. Tiffany Yecke Brooks joins to talk her newest book, Holy Ghosted: Spiritual Anxiety, Religious Trauma, and the Language of Abuse, which is a follow-up to her previous book Gaslighted by God. Together, her and Joey discuss spiritual anxiety (including scrupulosity), the important difference between […]