374 – An Unexpected Remedy to a Childhood of Sexual Abuse and Trafficking

[Please listen with caution. Lots of sexual abuse talk]Randy, and his wife Cynthia Lail (both dear to Joey's heart), carry with them a beautiful faith that will bring back memories to many listeners who have deconstructed some and no longer see things in the light of traditional, evangelical christian lenses.  As a child, Randy was […]

373 -The Dilemma of a Belief in Eternal Punishment (w/ Two Pastors and an Atheist)

Co-hosts Chip Judd (very long-time Christian) and Matt Oxley (long-time Christian, gone atheist) discuss with Joey what he finds to be an “impossible position” Christians are in when it comes to their kids and the doctrine of hell.  If dreaded eternal separation is on the table of possibilities, fear and life-trauma [in the end] is […]

372 – Two Divorced Men: Their Stories, Reflections, Convictions

Two marriages that ended in divorce.  One after 35 years of marriage, grandkids to show for it; the other marriage, a lot newer with no offspring.  Why did these two men get divorces?  How much responsibility do they take?  What feelings do they currently have for their former spouses, and how did their church communities […]

A Woman’s Body Month (Part 4): Women Sexuality

Viewer discretion is always advised, dummies, but this one is a must. Erica Smith, sexuality educator for 22 years and creator of Purity Culture Drop Out, talks candidly and answers Joey's crazy questions about female sexuality.  According to Erica, there's not a lot of sexual behavior (i.e. masturbation habits, being aroused by visual stimuli ) […]

A Woman’s Body Month (Part 3): God and Breast Cancer

No one is ever prepared for this sort of news.  Life is normal for Hayne Griffin and all of the sudden, he has to contemplate losing his spouse.  But this is a “Woman's Body Month,” who cares about Hayne! (just kidding, Hayne). Hayne's wife, Erica Griffin, joins the show and the two describe how breast […]

A Woman’s Body Month (Part 2): Life as an Asexual Woman

“A Woman's Body Month,” sexuality, self-worth and image, the brutality of breast cancer and what it's like not to desire sex, all through the life experiences of women. On this episode, Amy Alderman and Joey Svendsen talk to Rachel Meyers of Your Favorite Heretics, to gain a better understanding of asexuality.   Rachel enjoys “having […]

A Woman’s Body Month (Part 1): Having a Female Body

Kicking off a 4-part series for the month of October, sexuality, self-worth and image, the brutality of breast cancer and what it's like not to desire sex, all through the life experiences of women (but of course!).  Today, co-hosts of the show, Ellen Mauro, Amy Alderman and Liz Miller discuss what pop culture currently deems […]

367 – Mourning Bill Cosby and Learning How to See People

Ellen Mauro has found great recent success in medicating her AD/HD.  She also got Joey to watch a documentary called “We've Got to Talk About Cosby,” which chronicles the twisted and dark life of Bill Cosby, all along while the cultural icon is considered heroic by millions of fans. Now having watched the documentary, Joey […]