380 – You’ll Die Sooner Without Good Community. (It’s Science)

Maybe the best New Year's Resolution one can make: Get good friendships. Elizabeth Gillespie, licensed therapist of 11 years, focusses her practices on helping people find healing for trauma, through healthy human connection. She did a Tedx Talks (2022) that outlines the scientific data behind this bold statement she made in this episode: “You are […]

379 – Entering the Holidays for the First Time without Your Brother

[Continuing a tradition that goes back to Christmas 2019 in episode 208 and continues in episode 272 and episode 329, Pastor With No Answers Podcast remembers those who are grieving this Christmas because of great loss] Shonte Jones, family of this podcast suffered great loss at the beginning of the year when her 40-year old […]

378 – Christmas For Me and My Friends (“the Black Ones” Part II)

Twenty-seven years since the last time they hung as friends (and classmates) at James Island High, Stoy Prioleau, Antonio “Hype” Seabrook and Joey Svendsen caught up on episode 361 – My Childhood Friends [the Black ones].  As kids, they never processed together things like racism, privilege, systemic racism, what it's like to be black, and […]

377 – Christian Rap, “Still Standing” w/ KJ-52

Becoming a Christian as a 15-year old, KJ-52's career started when the music industry was nothing like it is now.  From the early days of opening up for acts like Tribe Called Quest and appearing on a radio show of Dj Khaled's (before he was DJ Khaled) to finding some unexpected traction in the Christian […]

376 – Brian Zahnd and John Mark McMillan (God and Country )

[this episode originally aired on 10/10/20] John Mark McMillan and Joey Svendsen enjoy their time with Pastor and Author Brian Zahnd, asking him a little about everything. What does Brian Zahnd think of the POTUS (Donald Trump) and if asked, would he serve on his spiritual advisement board? Brian Zahnd believes strongly in the church. […]

375 – “Death to Deconstruction” (w/ Josh Porter of Showbread)

Josh Porter (formerly known as Josh Dies of the band Showbread), author of the new book “Death to Deconstruction,” shares his story of christian fundamentalist upbringing and deconstruction of faith. Full of bitterness towards the church, he later discovered deep issues of personal pride (quite common for youngsters his age) that contributed greatly to being […]

374 – An Unexpected Remedy to a Childhood of Sexual Abuse and Trafficking

[Please listen with caution. Lots of sexual abuse talk]Randy, and his wife Cynthia Lail (both dear to Joey's heart), carry with them a beautiful faith that will bring back memories to many listeners who have deconstructed some and no longer see things in the light of traditional, evangelical christian lenses.  As a child, Randy was […]

373 -The Dilemma of a Belief in Eternal Punishment (w/ Two Pastors and an Atheist)

Co-hosts Chip Judd (very long-time Christian) and Matt Oxley (long-time Christian, gone atheist) discuss with Joey what he finds to be an “impossible position” Christians are in when it comes to their kids and the doctrine of hell.  If dreaded eternal separation is on the table of possibilities, fear and life-trauma [in the end] is […]

372 – Two Divorced Men: Their Stories, Reflections, Convictions

Two marriages that ended in divorce.  One after 35 years of marriage, grandkids to show for it; the other marriage, a lot newer with no offspring.  Why did these two men get divorces?  How much responsibility do they take?  What feelings do they currently have for their former spouses, and how did their church communities […]

A Woman’s Body Month (Part 4): Women Sexuality

Viewer discretion is always advised, dummies, but this one is a must. Erica Smith, sexuality educator for 22 years and creator of Purity Culture Drop Out, talks candidly and answers Joey's crazy questions about female sexuality.  According to Erica, there's not a lot of sexual behavior (i.e. masturbation habits, being aroused by visual stimuli ) […]