Becoming a Christian as a 15-year old, KJ-52's career started when the music industry was nothing like it is now.  From the early days of opening up for acts like Tribe Called Quest and appearing on a radio show of Dj Khaled's (before he was DJ Khaled) to finding some unexpected traction in the Christian music industry with his letter to Eminem in the song “Dear Slim,” Joey and KJ-52 not only reminisce about the old school Christian Rap and Tooth and Nail Records days, they talk a little faith and mental health.  KJ-52 (real name, Jonah Sorrentino) is also now a full-time Pastor. 

Go support his newest album, Still Standing” (Kickstarter), inspired by the havoc Hurricane Ian has had on him and his people in Florida.

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All music on this episode appears courtesy of KJ-52 and is from his newest album, “Still Standing.”

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