[PRE-ORDER NOW “Deconstructing Without Losing Yourself” by Angela Herrington]

host contributing on this episode: Joey Svendsen

The author of “Deconstructing Without Losing Yourself,”  by Angela Herrington, joins Joey to talk about her new book (releasing this month).  Together they discuss their personal journeys of deconstruction, including the obstacle of fear and how to have compassion for those who cause harm in the name of religion.  

Angie describes to listeners how to maintain a heart that is bold against injustice while maintaining a posture of love.  She highlights here the many blindspots that the church is deeply rooted in, much of them resulting from the same sort of corruption that has affected the rest of the world: a quest for power, control and gain. 

 Book description: Lively and empathetic, Angela J. Herrington shows you how to begin healing religious trauma through deconstructing your faith. This concise and actionable handbook will guide you in vulnerable exploration and help you release unhealthy beliefs that harm you and others. Begin your healing journey with Deconstructing Your Faith without Losing Yourself.

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