[Hosts Contributing in this episode: Joey Svendsen]

If God has the type of unlimited power and unquenchable love most Christians ascribe to the Creator, the theological reasoning behind people being separated from God forever simply doesn't hold up, at least not to our finite minds.  

But there are so many verses in the Bible that point to a much greater salvation than what most Christians have been taught.  Hearing this episode, listeners will digest the reasons why a universal view of salvation is backed by scripture just as much (if not more) as traditional views of “heaven and hell” are.  In his book, “Holy Hell: a Case Against Eternal Damnation,”  Methodist minister Derek Ryan Kubilus lays out an exhaustive theological and philosophical framework that outlines not only why this view is far from heresy but also why it's very likely to be true.  

Joey and Derek also discuss many objections to this view, including notions like “God’s love has to be balanced by justice,” and how people need to be careful not “to put a human, man-made perspective of love on infinite God.”

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