Please listen at your own risk, as the content on this one is very heavy.

[hosts contributing on this episode: Joey Svendsen, Ellen Mauro, Hayne Griffen]

Joey had a seizure a couple of weeks ago and his friends' security camera captured it all.  With “firefighter Hayne” present, we learn a bit more about seizures but we also hear some horror stories he's seen on the job as a rescue worker.  Oh, and Ellen thought her son was dead for a few seconds.

Along the way, the conversation expands to the usual chit chat about everything, from how the younger generation talks about TikTok like it's the creator of all entertainment, how Ellen is still happily sober, when complementing a woman turns into hitting on her, why true crime entertainment is so alluring, and why Ellen feels compelled to subject herself to footage of the horrors going on in the war around Palestine.  

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Music (including theme song): Stoy Prioleau (aka: Riggy Rock): Apple Music
Other Music: Joel Hamilton (The Mechanical River), Joel Hamilton+Friends (Embassyfreqs)

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