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Corey Nathan, host of the Talkin‘ Politics & Religion Without Killin‘ Each Other Podcast, joins the show to discuss a weakness of his.  He has a very hard time keeping composure when it comes to difficult discussions about politics and religion.  But deep in his heart, as a former Jewish man, now Christian, he knows that love is the goal.  And thus, the birth of his podcast. 

Joey and Corey talk how much of society sees people with bad beliefs as bad people who should be scorned; and there's certainly no aiming to humanize them.  Joey admits to sentiments about some one who he fears will anger people, but is finally learning what may be the true meaning of following Christ.  Corey believes that most people are in the “exhausted majority,” people who truly are “done with” the hatred and polarity, but their exhaustion breeds silence.  There's some political talk as Corey is a fan of what Biden has done so far, and the two discuss the backwardness of believing deeply in a conviction and trying to spread that zeal by yelling and belittling others. 

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