[on this episode: Josh Porter and Joey Svendsen]

Did you have to destroy your secular CDs to keep the devil out when you were a kid?  Then, you'll enjoy this episode with Josh [Dies] Porter (Showbread) who is also an author with a new release, “With All Its Teeth: Sex, Violence, Profanity, and the Death of Christian Art.”  With his book as the context, Joey and Josh manage to fit into one conversation the punk rock culture of Christian music they grew up with, both of their introductions into “secular music,” a more rounded approach for Christians to consume art, the honesty of the bible, how far is too far when it comes to art, a debate on the best MxPx album, the phrase, “it must be a God thing,” and more. 

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Theme Song: Stoy Prioleau (aka: Riggy Rock): Apple Music
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