[on this episode: Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler and Joey Svendsen]

Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, MD started a TikTok account, began to acquire a very large following and literally became hooked.  After he started to ignore his family because of the “TikTok addiction,” his wife and daughters took matters into their own hands, pointed out to him the severity of his issue and pleaded for him to get help.  Now clean from his addiction, he decided to do his own research on social media addiction and his findings are captured in his book, “Influenced: The Impact of Social Media on Our Perception.”

Telling his story on media outlets such as Fox News, Dr. Brian educates others from a place of humility.  Discovering firsthand the allure of being “followed,” “liked,” and the ensuing Dopamine hits each exposure elicits, if it wasn't for his caring  and persistent family, the doctor may still be locked in for more Dopamine, constantly obsessing and coming back for more.   

His book outlines the dangers of social media, sometimes (as he claims) just as deadly as a gun, but it also highlights the good coming from this 21st Century invention that has changed the world, producing many out-of-control addictions like the one Dr. Brian overcame.  Dr. Brian shares his story and his findings. 

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