[Hosts Contributing in this episode:    Joey Svendsen / Stoy Prioleau / Hayne Griffen / Amy Alderman / Matt Oxley / Robbie Madison]

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In a text thread the “host team” uses to communicate with one another, Joey sent a racial joke (video) for laughs.  You can view video here if you'd like it for extra context.
(It's also described in the conversation, so viewing isn't necessary)

Regardless of the joke not being sent with ill-intentions, damage was done to Stoy and the whole team was involved on that text thread.  This hang-out of some of the hosts, recorded for this episode, is the first time the team came together since Joey's insensitive blunder.   

The host team of Pastor With No Answers Podcast are actually friends in real life, some of them just getting to know one another.  Joey and Stoy were friends through school- age but after losing contact for almost 30 years, have rekindled their friendship as men.

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