[Hosts Contributing in this episode: Hayne Griffen / Robbie Madison / Joey Svendsen]

Hayne shares the story of breaking his neck in a biking accident and cursing God, only to feel God's love draw in closer as one of the most tangible instances in his life, ever. 

Throughout this story, you'll hear how Hayne went from being “fundamentalist, reformed, Hayne”  to“mystic Christian Hayne,”  how him and his wife Erica transitioned to a more simplistic way of life as a result of this horrific accident, why Hayne finds joy in not approaching faith as something to be mastered, and why he sees his Fire Department as his family.

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Music (including theme song): Stoy Prioleau (aka: Riggy Rock): Apple Music
Other Music: Derek Minor, Joel Hamilton (The Mechanical River), Joel Hamilton+Friends (Embassyfreqs)

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