Ellen Mauro has found great recent success in medicating her AD/HD.  She also got Joey to watch a documentary called “We've Got to Talk About Cosby,” which chronicles the twisted and dark life of Bill Cosby, all along while the cultural icon is considered heroic by millions of fans.

Now having watched the documentary, Joey can never enjoy The Cosby Show again.  Stoy, Ellen and Joey discuss evil in the context of mental illness and they look at the nuances involved in separating good art from an evil artist.  Lastly, Joey and Ellen learn about Stoy's superpower.   

For Part II of the episode, John Mark Mcmillan and Joey discuss their journey of judging people less, the older they get.  John Mark ran into a famous Mega Church Pastor in an airplane who is a big fan of of John Mark's music, the two of them now friends.  Come to find out, although looks can be deceiving, the Mega Church Pastor is actually a real person too.

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