Originally aired 7/13/2021.  

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Mennonite Pastor, Duke Graduate and author, Melissa Florer-Bixler, joins to talk about what she calls “reproductive justice.”  Is a living embryo an actual living person?  Is it mere tissue waste?  “No” and “no,” according to Melissa.  We discuss these matters and reflect on a truth that many evangelical Christians do not want to face:  their pro-life stances are actually conditional and far from consistent.  Just ask a beautiful (and desperate) couple who went the in vitro fertilization route, were successful, but have additional frozen embryos that will never be used.  What does a consistent pro-life stance look like and what sorts of hypocrisies are currently rampant in those who claim pro-life?  Within discussions along these lines, is there an important distinction between human life and personhood?  

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