Stephany Drury of Stuff Christians Life, shares a bit of her story of growing up a fundamentalist kid who asked too many questions about God, [because the dots just weren't connecting] while God convicted her heart at an early age that loving God and others is what the “good life” is made of, rather than the  emphasis of religion many of us were raised on.

You'll hear why Stephanie loves attending Catholic mass as frequently as she can while deploring a lot of the “laws” in the Catholic church.  She believes in transubstantiation (the communion elements actually “turn into” the flesh and blood of Jesus) and has currently found a church community (outside of her Catholic mass intake) that she loves. 

What's worst-case scenario for the political landscape in America, how purity culture at Mars Hill church detrimentally affects Ellen years later, the breaking of “generational fundamentalism” in Joey's household, the personal impacts of mental illness and whether Matt misses “Christian fellowship” are other topics of conversations on this one. 

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