Maybe the best New Year's Resolution one can make: Get good friendships.

Elizabeth Gillespie, licensed therapist of 11 years, focusses her practices on helping people find healing for trauma, through healthy human connection. She did a Tedx Talks (2022) that outlines the scientific data behind this bold statement she made in this episode: “You are probably going to die sooner, faster, and be far less healthy if you don’t have close relationships.”  

You heard her.  It’s a matter of survival, folks.

We talk through this innate need and discuss why finding healthy relationships is so challenging for people. She outlines the ingredients of life-giving relationships, explains why giving someone their space is usually not a good thing,  and differentiates between having a healthy need for people and being co-dependent.  

So, eat better, exercise, keep track of that cholesterol, get regular mammograms and maintain good relationships with people. Your life literally depends on it.

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